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5 YouTube Channels for Bookkeepers – 2022

YouTube is a fantastic resource for information. There are some great channels out there that are of particular interest to self-employed bookkeepers. Here are 5 of the best ones:


1. FinePoints

Morgan Law runs the business and YouTube channel FinePoints. She covers a lot of different subjects with a very down to earth and approachable attitude. She also does a good number of reviews and doesn’t come over as being very heavy-handed with the sales pitches. Her videos are also not that long (most are under 10 minutes). So you won’t get a lot of in-depth tutorials and how-tos here.

2. Realistic Bookkeeping

Rachael Brown is very unique in that (true to her channel’s name) she tells it like it is! She talks head on about the issues she faced launching her bookkeeping business. She’s very transparent about being a mom and the money that she brings in. She also talks a bit about diverse revenue streams and her systems and methods about both being a bookkeeper and cultivating her YouTube channel.

(Now, if the linked video above seems like a deterrent – it was posted in June 2021; and she just recently uploaded a video where she reveals that she has quit her full-time job….so that’s exciting!).

3. Hector Garcia, CPA

Hector presents a lot of fantastic information and tutorials on how to handle many bookkeeping tasks and topics. He mainly focuses on Quickbooks Online – but also has some videos on some general topics….such as book reviews and bookkeeping service pricing.

4. Bookkeeping Side Hustle

Kate Johnson strikes me as one of the most ambitious bookkeepers out there. In addition to her YouTube Channel, she’s created this entire community of people who are looking to make extra money bookkeeping. She does a lot of interviews with different people — which keeps her channel really interesting. Kate is not shy about her affiliate marketing though and is often pitching or advertising some kind of discount or special. That doesn’t bother me though because she offers a wealth of information for free. And sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

5. Financial Coach Jess

Officially Jessica White is a financial coach, not a bookkeeper; but her YouTube channel covers many topics of interest to bookkeeper such as bookkeeping course reviews and pricing; how to scale being a solo entrepreneur; and cash flow strategies for self-employed individuals.

So there you have it. Hopefully this list is useful to you. If so — please share. Happy YouTubing!

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